„Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.”

– Alfred Hitchcock


Video production – Editing – Postproduction – Motion Graphics

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About us

Promo Design Academy is above all a team of friends. Long-term cooperation means that we understand each other without using words, that is why we are not afraid of any challenges. We undertake all the projects in the field of broadly understood visual creation.

Passion and commitment are also very important to us. We don’t cut corners because we believe that even the smallest project makes us better.

We observe the world but not only through the lenses of our cameras. We follow new trends in marketing on an ongoing basis, we learn and develop our workshop. This is needed in order to meet our clients’ expectations as best as we can.

We love to play with the image and build original, emotional video projects that become an effective marketing tool. We feel proud when our passion, energy and motivation give satisfaction to our clients.

„When you create a video, it stops being just a video, but becomes a part of your life.”

– Alan Rickman

  • Over 150 Realized projects
  • Over 70 Satisfied clients
  • projects in 18 countries


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